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This is my entry for the Sim Oasis Tropical Garden Contest, December 2009.  The contest was unfortunatly closed because of deadline issues, but I'd put all the work in already, so I'm sharing my entry here instead!

So, without further ado, may I present, Calamity Cove!  (I felt the name was apropos, considering one thing or another kept crashing while I was trying to build it lol!)

A few years back I was in Fiji, and saw a beautiful resort (amongst many) with wide sweeping lawns and lots of palm trees, with clumps of flowers here and there.  I used that as my inspiration for the vegetation for this entry.  The idea for the 'hardscape' I drew from misc. homes and wharves and things I saw when I was in Hawaii.  Black lava rock predominates on the 'Big Island', plus lush lawns and again, lots of palm trees!  And finally, the house I put on this entry's lot is far from the norm for me!  I do not generally do modern homes, but I felt all that blue glass it would look good for what I had in mind.  I drew my inspiration for the house from Miami.  If you've ever been down Miami Beach and the surrounding areas, you'll see several similar to the house I recreated here.

Click each for larger pictures.

Oh, and the Buddha statue.  I saw plenty of those when I was in Singapore and Malaysia, and the Corona beers, of course, are from Mexico!  The coral reef in the ocean, well, I'm a SCUBA diver, so I've seen miles of those in various states all over the tropics.  So I really pulled a lot of influences from all around the globe to make this garden!


Contents and Other Thoughts     top

This lot as it is, costs §(I'll get back to you on this!) and around 200 custom objects/recolors/floors/walls/terrains were used to make it.  Some of the work (mainly textures) is mine, some of it is other people's (mainly meshes/textures).  I've included a list of all the objects I used (see below) and I've included a Creator's List with links to where I got all the custom content.  Some of these links may be dead because the sites have disappeared over time, but I include them anyway.  I also wish to bring attention to my personal file-keeping habits.  Every single file I ever download, I edit.  I mark where it came from (website name and URL) and the file name in the description (makes it easy for me to find it if I want to recolor it.)  Occassionally I change the actual object.  I'll make backs invisible on large mirrors, or give it a new texture if I really didn't care for the original one.  If you already have any of these objects in your game, unless you want my notes and edits, do not let these files overwrite yours!

Object List

You'll notice some of the objects have a pink-highlighted check mark next to them ()  This simply indicates which items are recolors you do not need to install.  I was having trouble (again) packaging a lot up, and keeping the file uncorrupted when I went to remove those items from the .Sims2Pack file.  If you're ''watching your download folder's weight'', don't bother installing those files.  If you like lots of color options, then you're in luck! 

There is also a couple files highlighted in red called ''Phone - Line Controller'' and ''Mailbox'' (again, couldn't seem to remove them) that you will want to leave out when you install this lot.  You'll be able to find them very easily when you open the file up with Sims2Pack Clean Installer, the ''Phone - Line Controller'' will be highlighted in red, and ''Mailbox'' is right below it!  Simply uncheck all the items you do not want to install.

Please be aware that there are a few paysite items included with this lot.  I know my mind on this issue, (I think you've got to have pretty big brass balls to base your work off someone else's, then charge people to use what you've simply altered.  Are any of these paysites paying EA Games royalties for using their legally copyrighted materials?  We all know they are not!  Let's face it, every single item made for the Sims 2 game is based at some point on EA Games files.)  But I leave the decision up to you, if you want to pay for these few objects I've used in creating this house, I've made it very clear where they came from, and you're welcome to go give those creators your money if you desire.

To that end, if you believe that paysites are money-grubbing thieves and evil beyond all redemption (I personally wouldn't go that far, though some people do) then I've also included mention of Paysites Must Be Destroyed! and Sims Cave (below).  If you don't know what these two sites are, visit them and find out.  Bear in mind, this house was created for one purpose - to enter into a contest.  It was not created with the express intention of being shared, there was no way I was going to stifle my creativity so that I could avoid using paysite items.  I'm sharing this house because people want their own copy of it after seeing it in the contest; but I will not mutilate the work I spent a lot of time creating just to spare someone's irrationally indignant feelings over a couple bucks.  If someone wishes to get irrational with me about it, they are more than welcome to contact me, but I honestly wouldn't recomend it.  It will not end well.

Download     top

I have all EP's (up to Apartment Life) and Celebration, H&M, Teen Style, Kitchen and Bath Interior Design, Ikea Home, Mansion and Garden SP's installed.  I only had Kitchen and Bath Interior Design and Mansion and Garden installed at the time I created this lot however, but all of them when I packaged it.  I don't think it'll make a difference, but you never know!  I widely use items from all of these packs, so expect to need all of them to load this lot.  (Though I do not think it'll be a problem, honestly.)

And now for the usual Terms and Conditions stuff.  Please don't swipe my work and claim it as your own!  Do not upload it to paysites or the Exchange (that would be swiping my work!)  You may re-use my work (recolors, walls, terrains, floors) and upload it with any lots you care to make and share with others, it must however, remain free of charge.  I'd really appreciate it if you did not take this house that I spent a lot of weeks creating, and upload it to another site.  I don't mind if you want to share it, just send people back here to get it!  There's a damn good reason for this - in case of a problem, I can fix it and re-upload the lot here.  I would have no ability to fix any problems should they arise, if this house were hosted somewhere else.  Other than that, I cannot force you to comply to my wishes, I'm just asking nicely! 


Click to Download

Troubleshooting     top

It happens occasionally, you install the house and it doesn't show up when you load the game!  If that happens, I found a pretty handy way of fixing the problem.  I didn't write this, and the original was in Polish, then badly translated into English.  But I did re-write it a bit to cut down on the superfluous ''contects'' (took me a bit to figure out they meant ''contents'' lol)  Anyway, credit given where credit is deserved, I found this on Sims2 Design, and it was originally written by Margierytka.

If you have problems with installation of any lot (''invisible'' in the game's lot catalog) - here is Margierytka's guide, it really works!
If after installation, if the lot doesnít show in the game:

  1. If you donít have sims2pack CleanInstaller yet, you must download and install it:
  2. CleanInstaller needs Microsoft.NET.Framework version 1.1 (or higher) to work correctly, you can get it here:
  3. After installation of CleanInstaller and Microsoft.NET.Framework (or checking that these programs are installed), go to My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Teleport and delete all files you find there.
  4. Install the packaged lot with CleanInstaller, do not delete any of the contents with this program!  Install everything.  Close CleanInstaller.
  5. Go back to My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Teleport and delete all files which are there.  You have now deleted the "invisible" lot from lot catalog.
  6. Re-open the packaged lot with CleanInstaller and click the house icon "Select lot file only" (top, right side.)  Be sure to install ONLY THE LOT.
  7. Start the game.
  8. The lot will be in lot catalog, ta-da!

The Creator's List     top

Click the name to visit the site, all links open in a new window.  If you clink a link and it goes nowhere, then it's a dead link.  There are a few sites on this list that no longer exist, but I felt it was right to give them credit for their work, even if they are gone.  This list is also, in no particular order.

11Dots 37Sims 4ESF
Exnem's Sims Garden of Shadows
Lúthien's Middle-earth Sims Mod The Sims 2 Retail Sims
SimGedöhns Simlogical Sims Crossing
Sims2Me Studio B43 The Sims Resource
Wood For Sims 2 Sims Cave Paysites Must Be Destroyed!

Disclaimer & Copyright Information     top

All text and graphics are protected by copyright law.  Other Copyrights & Trademarks are property of their respective owners.  Credit for literature and images not created by the owner of this site has been given as known.

This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors.  Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
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